photo credit //  vero kherian

photo credit // vero kherian

“A powerful mezzo that cuts right through the orchestra.”

— San Jose Theater Examiner

“Mezzo-soprano Betany Coffland sailed through this pyrotechnic workout, wowing the audience.  Pretty as the Cinderella of picture books, she sang with a pure and pleasing voice, as well as steady control of those coloratura fireworks.”

— San Jose Mercury News

“Her immaculate voice filled the theater.”

— Spartan Daily


“I have already developed the belief that mezzo Betany Coffland can do no wrong on a stage, and this, her first trouser role, is further evidence. Coffland plays Cherubino...and her rendition of a boy "running like a girl" is freakin' hilarious. "Non so piu" and "Voi che sapete" are just the hummable delights one would expect, especially the touching coda of the former.”

— The Opera Critic

“The singer introduced an agile, well-projected mezzo voice and a vibrant stage presence.”

— San Francisco Classical Voice

“And lustrous-voiced mezzo-soprano Betany Coffland fascinates as the star of Opera San Jose’s smart new production of “La voix.”

— San Jose Mercury

“Betany Coffland is a rich mezzo who was more than up to the challenge of Rossini's careening vocal lines for Angelina ("Cinderella"). She blended beautifully with Dailey, and perhaps most important of all, her spot-on, kind-but-assertive stage presence as the title character carried the show.”

— Artsoplolis

“Mezzo-soprano Betany Coffland produced a plusher Italianate sound as Dorabella, deftly capturing the ardor of the moment in scene after scene.”

— San Francisco Classical Voice

“Betany Coffland's superb vocals shine in the role of Angelina.”

— San Jose Arts and Culture

“The page, Cherubino, was outstandingly sung by mezzo Betany Coffland singing her first pants-role. The dilemmas of adolescence were captured perfectly by her "Non so piu cosa son, cosa faccio."

— Milpitas Post

“Mezzo-soprano Betany Coffland (Rosina), the fifth member of Opera San José's resident company in the first-night cast, showed the rest of the ensemble how it ought to be done...with an "Una voce poca fa" a few embellishments short of brilliant, her instrument bloomed as the evening progressed. By Act II, Coffland was able to sweeten her tone at will, all the while traversing her role's large range with aplomb. It was an extremely fine performance.”

— Opera News

“Betany Coffland's turn as Rosina - together with last season's Cenerentola - should confirm her genius in the special discipline of bel canto mezzo. Her performance of "Io sono docile" was astoundingly agile - and also funny. She rolled an r at her snoopy housemaid as if it were a dagger. She also brought out the easily overlooked beauty of the music-lesson rondo (even when it's a joke, Rossini's music is divine). Theatrically, Coffland gave the role an extra measure of feistiness, a welcome choice.”

— The Opera Critic

“Mezzo-soprano Betany Coffland was sassy and elegant in the role of Rosina, the opera's heroine.  Especially in the second act, she showed poise, power, and precision, taking on Rossini's finely chiseled, mile-a-minute flurries and roulades.”  

— The Mercury News

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